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Welcome to the Official Guild Site of Oshu'Narash!

Oshu'Narash is a Heavy-RP guild on the Moon Guard realm of World of WarCraft. This website is designed to help members communicate out-of-game, help new recruits learn about the guild and designate a way for new members to get involved out-of-game.

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The Third Guild Meeting!!!

Our third guild meeting is now behind us, and I must say that it was yet another huge improvement! An excellent job to everyone. To the winning group, and extra big congratulations from your Commanders. Enjoy the 10-slots! (Costing me money... grrrr.... this is why you should submit money to the guild bank, ya see?!)


Our next guild meeting time will be posted ASAP. 


Congratulations to: Tholgrim, Sathal, Breiana, Zin'thax, Elam, Jun'jin, Frostbones, Jis, Ironeye, Zul'kz, Demolnic and Ghardan; the first members of Oshu'Narash to promote in rank!